HondaJet ファイナンス

Elevating Ownership. Created for those with a passion for flight, the HondaJet offers an experience uniquely suited for a discerning lifestyle. Now, the world's most advanced light jet has been added to the portfolio of the many fine Honda products financed by American Honda Finance Corporation through it's exclusive subsidiary, Honda Aviation Finance Company, LLC.

The Fiscal Advantages. Honda Aviation Finance Company, a company managed by American Honda Finance Corporation, provides solutions attuned to our customers' fiscal interests. Long-term aircraft financing allows the conservation of cash in a challenging credit environment, enabling you to reserve available funds for other investment purposes and leaving your existing bank lines of credit untouched.

Your Committed Team of Credit Specialists. With more than 25 years of experience, American Honda Finance Corporation credit specialists deliver complete financing and account servicing solutions. Through Honda Aviation Finance Company, these solutions are available to our customers.

高い評判の価値。 Honda の世界的な存在感と伝統的な財務的強みが、競争の激しい金銭的条件の扉を開きました。Honda の比類のない奥深さ、幅広さ、専門知識は、HondaJet の獲得の動機付けの証となります。

ホンダ エアクラフト カンパニーは、優れたオーナーシップ体験をお届けできるよう取り組んでいます。米国でHondaJet のお客様に航空機ファイナンスを提供することは、卓越したサービスおよびサポートに裏付けられた革新技術製品を提供するというHonda の理念の論理的な延長線上にあります。

― 藤野 道格
ホンダ エアクラフト カンパニーの社長兼CEO

An All-Inclusive Experience. Honda Aviation Finance Company provides the comfort, convenience and overall satisfaction HondaJet owners deserve. Along with training, maintenance and technical support, financing is another aspect of having your entire HondaJet relationship with one dedicated team.

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